World Health Organisation recommended daily intakes

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In the past, I use to always eat microwave frozen chicken tenders. Clearly this wasn’t very healthy but it was very cheap and convenient. Now that I’ve started working and cooking the lunches every week, I’ve become more interested in eating healthy. This is because I have control over what I buy, through groceries, and what I cook, through making my work lunches. Anther motivation for writing this post is that my dad has high diabetic risk and high cholestoral. I think its important to develop good eating habits early, so they become second nature. Not to mention that eating health goes in hand with exercising. You can’t really call eating healthy with no exercise or exercising with no diet control as a healthy lifestyle. You really need both exercise and diet control. By diet control I don’t mean starving yourself or fad diets. I mean diets that are scientifically proven that will provide you with all the macro nutrient requirements while avoiding detrimental foods according to the World Health Organisaiotn. So in this post, I’ll try to break down what we should be eating on a daily basis and the reasons for this.

I’ll fill it out when im bothered.

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