Too many cooks spoil the broth

Hi Friends,

Its been a while since the last posts. Especially since I couldn’t be bothered to finish writing them. I initially was thinking of posting daily, but looks like its going to be a weekly thing where I post on weekends. Don’t get me wrong, blogging is great and quite theroputic putting your thoughts into words. On the topic of changing expectations, I think its a good opportunity to talk about reviewing your goals. It’s important to review your goals to see how you’re doing, whether you’re still interested in them and if there any improvements that can be made. To remind everyone, my goals were fitness, health, cooking, Japanese, budgeting and coding. A lot of these goals of fitness, health, cooking and budgeting are important life skills and considerations that are vital to be figured out earlier in your life rather than later.

In terms of fitness I’ve been quite happy with my progress. I’ve been consistently going two to three times to gym per week and plan to increase maybe even to five times a week. My desire to go gym more frequently is driven by a change in mindset. Since, I finish work so late, partly due to me coming in late to work (roughly 40 mins) and needing to do overtime to finish my projects, I have no energy when I get home to do anything productive. I’ll just end up playing some games or reading manga. So I’ve decided, ‘why not just go to gym after work?’. I’ll see how I go next week and report back on my progress. Initially, I was weight lifting because I hate doing cardio. However, this doesn’t line up with my main goal of general fitness, its not like I’m trying to get massive. In terms of prioritisation, I think everyone should prioritise cardio for health over weight lifting. It’s similar to the analogy of putting different sized stones into a cup. You should put in the big stones, cardio, in before sprinkling in the small stones, weight lifting, to fill in the gaps. Of course for the best progress, you should combine cardio and weight lifting. I think I’ll aim for an alternating routine of cardio and weight lifting over 5 days. As a beginner, I’ve been taking it slow for both cardio and weight lifting. It’s important to progressively build up your strength rather than pushing yourself too hard and injuring yourself. Previously I tried to do a couch to 5k cardio routine, which led to massive chest pains. Contrary to popular belief, its very common for more active people to experience chest pain but usually this is a muscle rather than heart pain issue. Pushing myself too much led to a long recovery period, where I can still feel a bit of this pain but I’ve been sure to not push myself too hard during running. I learnt an important tip about running which is the speed you should be going at. Slow enough that you can still have a conversation with someone else and not to breathe too deeply. These have greatly helped making running more pleasent. I’ve been able to do 3k on a treadmill with a one walking break in between. Similarly, when I recently started gyming I tried to do shoulder press with too heavy of a weight a hurt my shoulder. It’s still recovering but I’ve been really tempted to do shoulder exercises but I’m not sure if I’ll make my injury worse. So another leason is that if you’re feeling pain in your lifts you should just stop and do something else. Take it slow folks, consistency is king.

In terms of health I’ve been aiming to eat following the World Health Organisation dietary recommendation. Too bad I’ve been too lazy to really figure out what they recommend. For now I’ve been following the loose daily dietary guide of low saturated fat ~20g, low free sugar (non diary or fruit) ~25g and low sodium ~2500mg. I definitely should do some research and really find out what guide I should be eating at. They also recommend 2 serves of fruit and 6 serves of veggies for my age group. It’s quite easy to reach 2 serves of fruit but I hate eating vegetables, 6 serves is really hard to reach. I don’t usually eat fruit because its really messy to eat. I can easily reach 2 serves a day by using a blender for a fruit smoothie. I’ve been investigating what type of leafy greens I can add to a smoothie to help reach my vegetable intake. For now kale seems like a much better option than celery, it’s not as bitter. My commitment to health has been lacking and I would like to in the future clearly research what I should be doing. I’ve also been adding rolled oats to my smoothies as an extra source of carbs. I’ve been eating a crazy amount of food at work compared to what I use to eat. I’m not sure eating that much is healthy compared to eating to less. I believe the research on the three meals a day thing might not even be considered healthy. I’m not too sure, research seeems devisive.

In terms of cooking and my goal of making something new every week. Well this week, I didn’t cook anything and just ate left overs cooked by my parents. However, I’ve had some renewed interest in cooking. I’ve been trying to understand how to properly flavour food. I’ve cooked a lot of food and thought, “damn this doesn’t have any flavour”. This is definitely an exciting research topic that I’ll be looking into into the future. This has also made me interested in learning how to cook foreign foods. People say if you’re vegetables don’t have flavour, you should cook Indian food. India has a large population of vegetarians around 20-30% of India. India uses ghee, which is simmered butter while skimming off impurities off the top, in its cooking and their reliance on spices. Spices are definitely an amazing source of flavour and should be part of every chefs pantry. For next week’s lunch I roasted some chicken drumsticks using a miso marinate. They say theres 5 flavours that humans can taste: sweet, sour, bitter, salty and unami. You could add spicy but thats not technically a flavour, its your tongue receptors being tricked but I digress. Usually for a dish you want to balance multiple of these flavours. Adding sugar to a salty dish or adding lemons to a sweet or savoury dish. This is definitelly something I should learn. I really should look into material that actually teaches cooking.

In terms of Japanese, I’ve been doing really good. Every weekday on the bus/train to work I’ve been learning Japanese through ‘LingoDeer’ and ocasionally kanji with ‘Akemi’. I definitely need to review what I’ve been doing on ‘LingoDeer’ and incorporate some textbook Japanese through ‘Genki’. I’ve been quite excited about learning Japanese and I’ve been doing it quite consitantly.

In terms of budgeting, I was really into it initially but I’m less passionate about it now. I use to enter my spending into excel quite frequently but I’ve toned it down to two times a month now.

In terms of coding, I haven’t progressed it in a long time. This is really a case of too many cooks spoiling the broth or too many goals. Theres no shame in benching a project, as long as its to make room for others.

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