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Hi Friends,

This is a continuation of last post of what I was looking forward to in the future. Sorry for not posting enough, my motivation has been lacking. It’s like how I’ve been trying to get out of bed for work every morning. It’s so hard and I always arrive late to work. Maybe its like how I really liked playing games in the past but these days I don’t really feel any motivation. Maybe its due to lack of time or progression. My interest in gaming, redditing and reading manga is like a consumption of time for entertainment. I get enjoyment but no long term skills nor satisfaction. I guess this would be similar to buying a product for consumption. Where as improving yourself or learning skills is like investing time into yourself for longterm satisfaction, similar to investing your money for long term financial gains. Im pretty confident that people with long term orientations, who are future orientated, will live more enjoyable lives. Its a wonderful thing to be working towards a future goal. Where as people with shorter term orientations, live in the moment, will enventually lose interest and get bored of fads, partying, games, manga, etc. This is basically the story of the tortise versus the hare. Realising  in the future that they haven’t achieved anything apart from making a boat load of friends and of course developing strong social skills. I seem to recall a study that compared how short term and long term orientated people were performing in the future, and the long term orientated people doing better in life. However, since I can’t remember the study take it with a grain of salt.

Maybe my cyancism is leaking through because I’m quite an introverted and non social person, who is satisfied by and enjoys my own company and the company of a few close friends. It’s entirely possible I lead a very boring and lonely life in the future. Also my interests and hobbies don’t really align with popular interests and hobbies, and hence I feel its difficult to connect to others. I don’t really care for westerrn movies, books, popular music, partying, drinking, sports, etc. I don’t really like this, but you could describe  me as a histper, someone who isn’t into popular movements and enjoy being a special snowflake. I guess this is reflected in the way I play games. I like playing in creative and different styles (not necessarily the most effective or competitive) or meme I guess, maybe fueling my enjoyment of indie games. It’s probably evident that I’m not a fan of western media, I find it really boring, but really enjoy Japanese manga and Korean music, so much so that I’m learning Japanese so I can read and appreciate mangas in their native language. So if a nerd likes super hero films, I guess you could call me a weeb. I think it would be interesting, in an alternative timeline, if I grew up in Japan and whether my hobbies would include Western films or not. This is because I know some Japanese people really like Western superheroes and comics.

Another, thing I want to get off my chest is that you don’t have to have a partner or be married just because its such a normal and societal thing to do. This idea is probably propogated by the idea that your parents and everyone elses parents being in a relationship to conceive you. Maybe I’m being a hipster again, but just because its the socially accepted thing you have to do it. Wake up sheeple. I think being single for your whole life is totally fine but my parents want grand kids (god dammit). There was some database engineer I was talking about told me how he was pressured by his parents to get married, and now to have children but I’m not going to let that happen for me. Anyways I think marriages are great if you’ve found the right person. I’m not against marrying or dating, but I think its important to wait patiently instead of jumping into a bad relationship. Relationships are kind of like investing in property for long term capital gains, which is betting on the small initial deposit being leveraged into massive gains 2x 3x larger than the deposit versus being a complete dud and losing you money. Therefore, relationships could on the spectrum from amazing to emtionally and financially detrimental.

I use to think dating would change you, but it doesn’t. You’re still the same person and if you were unhappy withyourself and seeking happiness, you’re not going to get it. The path to happiness is through yourself. When you’re unhappy and you date, you’ll feel self conscious about all your short comings, amplified by you worring about what your partner things about you. I guess this is why people are attracted to confident people. Anyways I hate going outside for social events and when I dated, we pretty much did nothing because I hate doing things. I’m more of a stay at home and play games person. Anyways the point I’m trying to get across is that you should only date/marry when you’ve found the right person. In my opinion, it has to be someone with same interests, hobbies, religion, attitudes, goals, etc as you, who you would enjoy the company of on a daily basis. For me it would be a girl who likes games, cooking, manga, Japan, similar financial attitude etc, basically my female counterpart. I don’t believe in this ideas that opposites attract, I don’t think relationships are like magnets at all. Anyways me being nonsocial as I am, with relatively niche interests, my prospect of finding a female companion is looking grim. However, I’m happy to be alone with friends. Friends are great. Why do we pour so much emotional investment into dating but so little effort into friendships and relationships with our family. I guess thats a topic for another post.

Anyways this post is about looking forward to everyday. I rambled on to long I didn’t even reach the main point of the post. Oh well..

Potato out

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