Hello world! (as per programming tradition)

Hi friends,

Its been roughly 3 weeks since I created this website and I have finally gotten off my lazy ass to write my first post (woohoo me). I can’t remember where I heard this from before, but it goes something like, “you should celebrate whenever you can”. I think this is a great motivational quote and a good excuse to treat yourself for your hardwork. Anyways I’ve got lots of ideas on topics I want to write about and I’m not too sure how to start but I digress. Today I want to talk about what I look forward to.

This topic came to my mind when one of my coworkers talked about planning a holiday so they would have something to look forward to, to help them get through their days. For me there are a lot of these cases for me; I am always looking forward to new content from reddit, youtube, mangas, and new game releases. These hobbies are very fun but not necessarily beneficial. During highschool and university, I played a lot of games and on retrospect I feel like I haven’t gained much from them. These hobbies involve consuming someone else’s content.

After starting work, I have less time and energy to play games. Instead I’ve been focusing my energy on more productive hobbies. These hobbies include gyming, budgeting, cooking, coding and learning Japanese. For each of these I’ve set myself goals that I try to achieve. For example for gyming, although I hate running, I plan to run a 5km race. For budgeting, my goal is to save 80% of my post-tax earnings and to track my expenses. For cooking, my goal is to bring lunch every day and cook something differently every week. For coding, my goal is to write some small programs and code this website. For learning Japnese, my goal is to reach a JLPT N4 level of propiciency and aim to take the JLPT N5 test in December. The feeling of learning and growth in these hobbies have given me a great feeling of self-satisfaction and something I look forward to everyday, the consistent work I put into these hobbies. Maybe I only enjoy these things, because I think learning is fun!

I feel like a lot of people lack these so called ‘productive hobbies’ and as a result have been missing out. I feel after 1, 5 and 10 years, if I can continue this routine, they’ll be a big gap in skills between me and those who waste their time.

Potato out

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