Hi Friends,

There was a really good manga I liked called Golden Boy, the first half anyway. Kintaro is a freeter who hops between jobs, learning the professions before mastering them and moving onto the next one by humming, “benkyou benkyou benkyou” or “study study study”. He really captures the joy of studying, non materialism, and freedom. I aspire to be part of Kintaro, the non freeter bit. Personally, I find really satisfying to be learning about your interests and constantly improving yourself. It’s rewarding knowing that if I perservere, my hardwork will pay off in the future.

Another topic I want to talk about is materialism. Probably due to my parent’s thrifty upbringing. nature nuurture. uwejfowiefj I’ll finsih this post when I can be bothered

Potato out

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