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Too many cooks spoil the broth

Hi Friends, Its been a while since the last posts. Especially since I couldn’t be bothered to finish writing them. I initially was thinking of posting daily, but looks like its going to be a weekly thing where I post

World Health Organisation recommended daily intakes

Hi Friends, In the past, I use to always eat microwave frozen chicken tenders. Clearly this wasn’t very healthy but it was very cheap and convenient. Now that I’ve started working and cooking the lunches every week, I’ve become more


Hi Friends, There was a really good manga I liked called Golden Boy, the first half anyway. Kintaro is a freeter who hops between jobs, learning the professions before mastering them and moving onto the next one by humming, “benkyou

Looking forward to everyday!

Hi Friends, This is a continuation of last post of what I was looking forward to in the future. Sorry for not posting enough, my motivation has been lacking. It’s like how I’ve been trying to get out of bed

Looking forward to the future

Hi Friends, In the last post, I talked about the importance of having productive hobbies and goals. Well I’m going to be a complete hypocryte and start talking about the things I’m looking forward to in the future that aren’t

Hello world! (as per programming tradition)

Hi friends, Its been roughly 3 weeks since I created this website and I have finally gotten off my lazy ass to write my first post (woohoo me). I can’t remember where I heard this from before, but it goes

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!